Household & Pets

Household goods

We have an amazingly well stocked department, with everything you would expect for scrubbing, cleaning and polishing and doing your laundry. We also stock clothes pegs, light bulbs, sink unblocker, door mats and salt for your drive, as well as:

  • Basic DIY stuff everything from clips and hooks to sandpaper and brushes
  • Coal, logs and barbecue charcoal
  • Compost and growing herbs
  • Hats, socks, gloves and umbrellas

Partyware and storage

  • Paper plates, Paper straws, cups, plain & decorative napkins
  • Banners, straws, balloons and candles
  • Plastic and foil containers, freezer bags, sandwich bags


We love cooking from scratch! Local food, slow food, real food. Have a wander down our kitchenware aisle as it could inspire you. Stirry and peely things, jugs, serving dishes, basins, baking trays and oven gloves we have it all.

And if you find yourself thinking, What on earth is that for all the better! Get out of your comfort zone, buy some kitchenware, grab one of our recipe cards, choose a few raw ingredients and just have a go!


We don't stock pets. However, we do cater for all of their needs, if do happen to have one (except not snakes, really, or iguanas). But dogs, cats, rabbits won't go hungry nor will your wild birds, thanks to a wide range of nuts and seed mixes supplied by Su-Bridge.


We stock a large range of scented candles by Yankee Candles as well as local Lilly Flame Candles and James & Co Reed Diffuser.