Local Stuff

We are your truly local store

Our relationship with the people around us is and always has been the most important thing in our world.

Our team, many of whom live close by, are also our customers. Their families are our customers and some of them are also our suppliers. Our customers are our neighbours, as we live in the village where we work. Our children go to school with their children. We went to school with some of our suppliers. And they might be local farmers and they are also our customers.

And so it goes on, criss-crossing all of our lives and adding up to a network of mutual support.

So, when we say we care about our customers, our suppliers, our team and our local environment, we really mean it. (And thats why, although we dont like to blow our own trumpet too often, in recognition of this we have won several awards for our service to the local community.)

  • We have a funding scheme through Nisa called Making a Difference Locally, which awards amounts to local good causes. Click here for more information
  • We welcome more than 140 local suppliers, growers, makers and bakers into our store  see more about them here
  • Community Links is where you will find some of the other very good businesses, services, local groups and charities that help to shape and support our community. Click here to find out more.