Victoria McManus

Christmas Tastings

Victoria McManus 11/30/16

We've got almost a whole month of tastings coming up in our drinks department, giving you the chance to try lots of new products to stock up with for Christmas. The vast majority of them are local. We'd like to thank all of the suppliers for taking the time and trouble to come in and let our customers try their lovely drinks!

Tasting dates

2nd December: Bob from Copse House Cider 11am-5pm
3rd December: West Milton Cider 10am-2pm
4th December: Blackmore Vale Cider 12-4pm
5th December: Sheppy's Cider 12-5pm
6th December: Langham Wines 12-5pm
7th December:
8th December:
9th December: Purbeck Cider with mulled cider 12-6.30pm
10th December: Burrow Hill sampling their Pomona 12-5pm
11th December:
12th December:
13th  December: Piddle Brewery Christmas Ale 12-5pm
14th December:
15th December: Nick from Fells sampling Port 12-4.30pm
16th December:  Black Cow Vodka 10- 4pm
17th December: John Thorne African Gin 12-4pm
18th December: Cottage Delight Ales 12-4pm
19th December: Harry's Cider with mulled cider 12-5pm
20th December: North South Wines with a special offer – a Christmas Box (3 red and 3 white) for £45
21st December: Lyme Bay Winery tasting Christmas Pudding Wine & Mead 12-5pm
22nd December: Ehrmanns tasting Moscatel, a sweet fortified wine from Portugal 12-8pm