Victoria McManus

Box Scheme Information

Victoria McManus 03/30/20

We now have a Box Scheme that can be ordered by email. If you would like to pre-order a box of groceries for local home delivery or collection from our car park, please email us at with your address and contact details.

NOTE: There is currently a 7-9 day lead time.  

Boxes come in two sizes, £40 or £60, and will contain the following: milk, bread, butter, cheese, eggs, meat, bacon, cooked meat, potatoes, carrots, green veg, apples, bananas, frozen veg, frozen chips or potatoes, pasta/rice/noodles, cereals, biscuits, squash, crisps and chocolate. We can’t send a list of brands, as it will be availability dependent.

We will confirm receipt of your order by email and let you know roughly when you can expect it. Then, on the day of delivery/collection from the car park we will call you to take payment over the phone.

Updated 9th April 2020