Calling all young photographers: enter our summer holiday competition!


YOUNG snappers can get busy this summer holidays to win prizes and the chance to feature in our 2014 calendar!

We are running a joint competition with childrens camera club website Diddipix and it is open to anyone under 17. The theme is Rural Life €œ that means pictures taken at a country show or festival, at the beach, on a farm, at a picnic, by a river, at a local attraction, on a steam train, eating ice cream or strawberries, watching cricket, riding a horse or simply in the garden €œ in fact anything to do with living in the countryside.

How to enter:

To enter, simply visit and click on the ˜Dikes FREE membership option. This will entitle you to join the Diddipix Camera Club for free, for a whole summer of photography fun. You will have your own online gallery where you can upload up to 45 of their best photos.

The pictures need to have been taken in Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire or Hampshire to qualify and can be taken on a camera, camera phone or tablet.

What you win:

The winning 12 photos will be printed in colour for the Dike & Son 2014 calendar. Winners will receive a free annual subscription to the Diddipix site plus a winners certificate, and the overall winner will receive a bulging childrens goodie bag worth £25. All of the winners will be invited to a special presentation event in the New Year.

Children must make sure they get permission from anyone they take pictures of, especially other children €œ theres a full list of dos and donts on the Diddipix website.

Rules of entry:

Entry into the competition is free upon becoming a member of Diddipix.

Free ˜summer membership to Diddipix will be available for all competitors and will apply for the duration of the competition.

Entrants must be under 17 at the close of the competition.

Pictures must have been taken in Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire or Hampshire.

The 12 winning pictures will be chosen by judges from Diddipix and Dike & Son and the photographers will be contacted. Their pictures will appear in the Dike & Son Calendar 2014.

One overall winning picture will be chosen for the front cover and will receive a childrens goodie bag from Dike & Son worth £25. All of the winners will receive a free annual subscription to Diddipix, certificates, a copy of the calendar and an invitation to a presentation at Dike & Son on Friday 3rd January 2014.

The prize is as stated and non-transferable or exchangeable. No cash alternatives will be offered.

Entry to the competition implies consent for publication of your pictures for publicity purposes (see Terms & Conditions below).

The closing date for entries is 4pm on Friday 13th September.

Hints and tips for children:

  • Make sure all the competition photos are taken in ˜best quality/high resolution setting on your camera, tablet or phone. They need to be in colour and landscape format, because this will be the format of the calendar (horizontal rather than vertical).
  • For faster uploading on to the Diddipix site, its best to re-size your photos (you can find out how to do this on the site). If your photo is chosen to be featured on the calendar then we will need you to provide the same photo in its original size too. So make sure that you have saved the original photo on your computer!
  • Pictures that you wish to enter into the competition must be captioned and ˜tagged to appear in the ˜Rural Life gallery. Feel free to upload other photos into other galleries too, just for fun!
  • Add new photos to your gallery as often as you can throughout the summer. Keep it fresh. You can change your photos around as much as you like but only the ones in the Rural Life gallery on the closing date will be judged.
  • Photos can be funny or serious.
  • You can take close up details or wide scenes. Your photo does not have to be straight. It can be angled, taken from low down or looking through things.
  • You may send in single shots or your image could be a collage of several images, or you can create abstract images.
  • You can apply any form of manipulation to your image using a computer or using apps with an iPad or iPhone.
  • We are looking for good control of the camera so make sure your photo is in focus.
  • Remember to take landscape-shaped (horizontal) photos only for the ˜Rural Life gallery.
  • Have fun and be creative!

Terms and conditions

  • Although it is accepted that the copyright of the photographs submitted onto the site remain with the photographer, you hereby expressly agree and accept that Diddipix and Dike & Son would have the right to use any of these photos for their own marketing purposes, teaching material or for published or commercial material.
  • No payment will be either given to the photographer or demanded by Diddipix or Dikes for this use. The name of the photographer will be acknowledged and the photographer has the option of using their username or real name in these instances.
  • All photos uploaded on to the site are internally moderated by the Diddipix team and we reserve the right to remove any images or material which we deem to be inappropriate, undesirable, disturbing or illegal. Only use images of children in suitable dress to reduce the risk of inappropriate use.
  • We ask parents/ guardians to sign a consent form giving their permission for us to publish your photos. We will ask you to fill this in if you are one of the winners.
  • Diddipix is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and no information will be passed on to any 3rd parties.
  • Diddipix is run by Kirsten Harvey MA, BEd Hons, ARPS, ABIPP, AMPA, ASWPP. Kirsten is a qualified teacher and photographer, holds relevant CRB certificates and is registered with of CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre).