Victoria McManus

Save up to £30 off your seasonal shopping!

Victoria McManus 11/12/15

This little Penguin can help you cut the cost of Christmas – pick up one of our Saver Cards and start collecting!

Every time you spend £10 or more on your shopping, we will give you a Playful Penguin sticker. Fill up all of the Igloos on your Saver card to save up to £30 off your seasonal shopping at Dike & Son – that's a lot of crackers, candles, mulled wine and mince pies!

If you shop online, don't worry; our drivers will make sure they give you a Saver Card and any penguin stickers that you are due. See the card for terms and conditions.

The promotion runs until 4pm on Sunday 13 December, and you can start redeeming your cards from Monday 14 December until Sunday 10 January 2016.

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