Wines, Beers & Spirits

We have an multiple award-winning drinks department and have most recently been named – Best Convenience Drinks Retailer of the year 2019.

To order Wines, Beers & Spirits online, please follow this link . 

Where else in the UK could you choose from over 90 different types of cider and over 100 ales? Who else stocks over 50 different sorts of Gin (including local favourites such as Conker, Fordingtons and Pothecary), over a dozen types of whisky, many vodkas, as well as numerous types of Prosecco and Champagne. 

In fact we think you would be hard pushed to find a better stocked alcohol department this side of the English Channel.

Richard is the manager of this department and he has great product knowledge on wines and ales, as well as on his pet subject, ciders. His expertise in the field of cider probably stems more from his enjoyment of it (well, someone has to test them).

Feel free to ask him for anything you like and he will try and source it for you!

Ales and Ciders

As an independent retailer we are in a great position to deal directly with some fantastic local suppliers of both ales and ciders. Dorset Piddle Brewery of Piddlehinton currently supplies us with several ales, including Piddle in a Bottle, Little Willie and Silent Slasher. Buy the series to make a fun present! We also have our own very popular house ale ‘Williams Tipple’ named after William Dike’s favourite brew, made for us by Piddle. Popular local ciders include Bridge Farm Cider and Blackmore Vale Farmhouse Cider made by Alan Perry in Templecombe – lovely stuff it is too.


The Sherborne Castle Estates vineyard is now producing some great white wine and we are very proud to be able to stock such a local vintage. We also have a fantastic selection of wines from all over the world, including organic and Fairtrade, a no sulphur Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon from Stellar, and some rather different wines from the Lime Bay Winery, such as cranberry wine and parsnip wine. Everyday table wines start from £4.49, with lots of mid-range very honest and drinkable wines at around £6-£7 a bottle, rising to special occasion stuff (French Burgundy, Chablis etc which of course will cost more - but still very reasonable.) If you are interested in joining our Wine Club and attending to our evening tastings, please ask in-store for details

Spirits & Liqueurs

We are justly proud of the huge range of cognacs, whiskies, vodkas and other strange things in bottles with weird writing on from countries all over the world. We've everything you need to make a good cocktail party great. The Lime Bay Liqueurs make a perfect aperitif or accompaniment to coffee. We also have Lovage Alcoholic Cordial, Creme de Cassis (for making Kir), and other sweet and sticky concoctions. Last but definitely not least, the Somerset Cider Brandy Company is our local champion, having beaten off European rivals to win a recent case to be allowed to keep its name.

Sale or return available for parties, weddings and other functions – ask in-store for details


Let us deliver your wine and drinks to your door! We will personally bring it over to your house within an 15 Mile radius of Stalbridge, so all you need do is call, sit back, and get the glasses out. And we won’t even ask to stay for a quick one. Call 01963 362204 and ask for details or order it online here .